What went down at the maiden edition of the Halal Food Fest?

The maiden edition of the Halal Food Fest was awesome, we can’t wait for another one”.

On the 2nd of April, 2018, history was made. We had the first edition of the Halal Food Festival at Lekki Central Mosque. It was definitely an awesome experience, but how do you tell the story to an absentee. Maybe not perfectly, but here is a sneak peek of what went down.

While waiting for our attendees, Abdulalim Ajenifuja (PKA Meritborne), entertained the audience with some Nasheed performances. After which we had the first panel session titled, “The Halal Industry in Perspective – Previews and Prospects.”, which was moderated by Abdulalim Ajenifuja. Our panelists; Sheriff Bakare, Mas’ud Balogun and Sulaiman Olokodana did justice to the topic. They gave us some rewarding insights into the Halal Industry, while fully engaging the audience.

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