Hacklal Hackathon

hacklal fest

Do you have an idea or a startup that can help Muslims live a Halal lifestyle? Then, register for the #HACKLAL FEST and stand a chance to win cash prizes, mentorship opportunities, career opportunities and other consolation prizes.

HACKLAL FEST is a Halal Hackathon aimed at creating innovative and technology driven solutions to issues facing the Islamic Economy/Halal Industry.

The idea for iQur’an started with a Muslim who identified the difficulty of carrying a Mushaf everywhere we go. Especially for people who will like to read the Quran on the go. Guided ways took advantage of mobile technology (smart phones) to create an effective solution to an identified problem in the Muslim community.

We are challenging individuals and start-ups to identify key problems faced by the Muslim Ummah and profer innovative and technology driven solutions to these problems. How can you leverage technology and innovation to profer solutions to issues in various sectors of the Islamic Economy?



Help Muslims achieve optimum Ibadah during Ramadan

Islamic Finance

Help improve the Islamic economy by creating sharia-compliant solutions to the Islamic banking system.


Assist Muslims to better acquire Arabic and Islamic knowledge


Help the Muslim Community better collect Zakat and Sadaqah, and distribute to the needy